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Monday, June 6, 2005

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ehh ... haven't updated in a while ... should probably make a new layout too ...
gehh ... i'm lazy ... i'll do it later, lol
the day ends faster and faster >___>
hate my grad pic =____=
it's still really hard to believe that i'll be graduating ... it's ... relieving to know that i've come this far ... but at the same time, i wish i could still go back to churchill after the summer @___@;;
i just miss my stability ^^;; it's hard to accept that i won't be seeing the same faces in the hallways anymore ... i've been seeing some of these people for 12 years, and all of a sudden *poof* no more :
really though ... all these years of school ... accumulated into one piece of paper .... =____+;;
got the book award doodle today ... whoop-dee-doo. that just made me even more depressed @___@;; it's a sign that everything really IS ending ...
besides that, i recently read over something i wrote waaay back in gr. 9, and it just proved that i really HAVEN'T grown much since then ... yup, a little more perverted, maybe, but just as emotionally stunted ^^; haahh ...
oh well ...
think i'll give up drawing after getting the art gallery stuff half-assedly put together
so the weekend was fun, lol
slept in on friday, then bummed around til terri came and we went to get our hair done at air
i was very happy with how my hair turned out ^^ blue sparkles!!! yea ... then we got back and changed/make-up'd ... and got picked up by kevin and herman ... then met up with people at ease's place
lots of pictures with people, food was fairly decent, dancing was spectacular, and 'washroom breaks' were damned funny ... yea, i had fun ^^ just sad that it's over now, lol
after we got bbt and went to terri's place ... where we watched a quarter of lost in translation (good movie, but not good for late-night, when people are sleepy-ish)
got home about 3-ish, and shortly after went out driving with johnnyfishy
hehhhhh ... went all over at high speeds XDDD and came across lots of dead ends =_____= *COUGH*
got home at 7.30 am (about?) and had 2 hours of sleep ... then stayed wide awake til driving at 4 ... hahh, i got better XDDD though ... in the same day ... mom made me take the benz ... which was hell =___=;; twice as heavy as a stupid dinky corolla, so it was uberly awkward and SLOW
spent the rest of the weekend recuperating in sweatpanfs : 3

mood thinking too much :
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

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it got blown : (

today was pretty fun ...
woke up early, crammed a bit for the bio test (which i think i ... didn't fail ... ), and actually STROLLED to school (waking up early DOES make a difference @___@)
yea ...
bs came at lunch! wheeeee ... and the rest of the time was spent attempting to sack hobbit ... truthfully, the little 'bet' is a pain in the ass ... i don't really care about sacking hobbit, i don't really want to punch anywhere near that 'thing' with my bare fist >___>
but yea ... he plays cheap =___= it's so stupid ... why doesn't he just pay herman back the $5? it's not like he can't afford it .... fucker.
lit was ... tiresome (had a sub .. so obviously, nothing got done)
after, johnny plopped by the school and he, ringo, bs, terrarrrrr, and i went for bbt~
i gave fishy his 21 punches ... happy bday johnny XDD muahahahah
after ... got my onigiri fix .. yeaa ... then i ate it while watching garden state (thanks bs!) : 3
yeap, now i go read about a hundred pages of novel for english and work on my jap essay ... oi vey >____>

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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was brushing my teeth and it suddenly struck me ... i have a blog! o___O
i have a month to catch up on =____= aww ...

the play
opening night was fantastic ^^ but i was very happy about thursday. everybody came out to watch!! i got to see yan yan chan and johnnyfishy, who i hadn't seen in AGES ... and bs even showed up with a friend (oh yea ... and the regular locker people too >___> ) i heard some very nice feedback after, people actually liked pygmalion ^^
and the damned outfit .... the parlormaid dress was NOT too long >_< perverts ...
though it was nice to see everybody, i did feel bad about certain misunderstandings that made things seem weird .... =____________=;; but yea ... after the plays, the lockery group headed out for bbt ... heh heh ... darebear, terrarrrr, and i ended up hitting the pr0n shop ... got ringo's birthday present there ... mmm bbt and pr0n .... it was weird ... t and i were the only girls there ... and the guys in there were ... old. ew. then there was something about a weird staring guy when we returned to the bbt place
friday (closing night) was basically the same thing ... except we all walked to granville =____=;; my mary janes were killing me. i ended up getting piggybacked to the beefnoodle place by herman, stephen, and darren ... after beef noodles we went for bbt (again) and i had to stealer louis' shoes for the walk back >___>
i still have the bruise/bleeding (not sure which) on my toe from that night ... :
some time around that weekend .. or the next weekend ... i went to watch sin city with herman and louis. sin city was good : 3 i like how they filmed it and all that stuffz0rz >____>
boston pizza and middle of nowhere ... where i spent 30 minutes trying to jab a magazine at hermans crotch to motivate him to get off his lazy arse and drive me home =___+;;
i kind of miss that parlormaid bonnet ....

yeaaa, i started driving XDDDDDD
the first time was weird ... drove out to lansdowne and did figure eights around the islands in the parking lot ... on the bright side, i didn't hit anything! on the not-so-bright side ... i had many close calls =____= i guess it's a good thing that i'm brake-trigger-happy .... kinda funny ... my instructor breaks out in random mandarin when he gets frustrated : S i've been out twice after that ... the second time was the best ... cruising around a nice quiet residential area ^^ .... the third time was the most stressful ... two hours of driving around richmond =______=;;;;;;;;; only had a couple of close calls ....

aheh ... mesa luna food sucked .. didn't matter though, since i couldn't taste much anyways.
dancing was ... okay ... the dj sucked, and the speakers kept fizzing out : it was fun and all ... but i kept getting stepped on (mostly by karen =____= ) and sweaty icky people kept bumping up against me .. ewwwwww
my camera ran out of batteries early ... ; ____ ; stupid alkaline ... <3 my camera though ... fujifinepix e510 ... 5.2mp ... bought it the day before prom XDDD
we left around 11, and after some food whoring at safeway and micdicks, met up at kevin's house ... started watching resident evil: apocalypse, i fell asleep, and woke up to the beginnings of amelie (cos resident evil kept lagging) we paused a bit there cos people decided to sleep over and stuff, and terri had to get home >___>~ so a bunch went out with herman to go drop off terri for pickup and get stuffs from home .. i had to confirm with mom ^^;;
after all that was done, we returned, watched the rest of amelie (which i slept and woke up through ... ) and then there was a big sleep-territory war ... ufufufu ... i socked herman 3 times within a 20 minute period XDDD, socked stephen too ... nearly socked kevin ... and tried to get louis, but he protected himself too well : (
in the morning, i had ramyun for breakfast and got home around noon-ish ... after a nap (around 5-ish) i headed out to terri's ib art show thingy ... met up with people and bs and cruz! then we all went for bbt ... yea ... i socked kevin ... he rolled on the floor and whimpered (i think he was gonna cry) and herman got stabbed by izu with a jones bottle ... his right testicle = swiss cheese

eghhh, i've been sick for three weeks straight ... verging on four ... and i haven't been able to taste ANYTHING for the majority of that time ... the only thing i can taste is the medicine, and that is fucking awful. *prods immune system to get off its' lazy ass and work*
yeap ... oh, today i socked louis XDDD wahahah thats what he gets for lying on the bench : P i can only describe it as a stealth-missile-like motion .... rocket punch XDDDD but yea ...
mission accomplished. revenge exacted.
i keep forgetting that louis is the type to hit girls =____=;;
but yea ... and i'm having conflicts about which university i shoudl go to .... again.
i know i said ubc earlier ... but now i'm thinking about scholarships ... if i keep my marks up, sfu will be able to offer me the better scholarship .... but what about the programs? o___O
sfu has a better psych program ... but do i really want to major in psych? ubc is better for co-op because employers 'prefer' ubc ... and what about uVic? do i want to pursue law there? or do i want to pursue law at ubc? if so .. then i might as well try out sfu first and get a taste for different universities ... but what if i end up wanting to go to uVic? @_____@
eghhh ... i hate having to decide. i really don't think i'm ready for this next stage ... it's such a big step .... one more year of lockers is needed so i can figure out all this future post-secondary crap @_____@
at the same time ... i wish the year was over and i had graduated and all ... just so i can get away from highschool, and clearly severe the ties that must be severed. i can already see who i will stay in touch with, and who i will eventually forget ... and i'm just ready to move on and get that over with. i'm actually looking forward to it a little ... a fresh start does sound nice >___>~
i really don't know what i want =______=;;
and, quite honestly, i don't really feel that i have grown at all in the last few years. in a way, i kind of feel that i am just as emotionally/intellectually stunted as i was last year, and the year before that
baaaaah =____=;;
enough of this verbal diarrhea, i'm going to bed.

mood burnt out
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Thursday, March 24, 2005

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wheee, thing that i am working on >___>~
iunno ... i'm really not looking forward to colouring it ... skin tones are weird for me =______+;;
inked it in painter essentials .. which was a pain in the ass =____=;;
but yea ... full view can be seen here

woke up and went to air hair salon to get my hair cut (finally)
it's a nice place ... the chair for shampoo-ness is a massage chair ... i sat down, and the thing started vibrating all of a sudden o____O;;
the person who cut my hair was very nice ^^ she's from japan, and has been in canada for six months : 3
she kept calling me cute @____@;; >___>~
while cutting, she kept giving me pointers on how to maintain styling and all that jazz ... that was nice ^^ (toussle and scrunch!)
my hair's shorter ... feels so light and nice now ^^
yarr .. after that ... i went fabric shopping ... and bought stuff >____>~
most notable, a lot of yards of leatherette ... which smells to high hell =____=;;
the smell is so chemical and noxious ... the slightest wiff'll give you a huge headache ... right now, it's airing out in the kitchen ... with the windows wide open .... the lady at the store said that the smell would go after a good airing out (i hope she was right >___ then to the bank to activate a dormant account .... and to starbucks to get a vanilla bean frapp (which i will never order again =___=) ... and then to herman's for the bbq
the bbq was fun ... ddr, good food, paintball gun, and lots of mah jong (i won! four times!!!) oh, and bubbletea (sankyuu stephens, you dont owe me anymore ^^)!!
i think i improved in mah jong ^^;;
but yea ... tired ... >____>~ shower and hare nochi guu for me ^_____^

mood PONG!
music none

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

ehh ... too tired to doodle =____=;;

spent all night yesterday and all morning today finishing off a cosplay order (got mah moneyyyyy ^^)
but yea .... i did not receive much sleep >___>~
so, after i dropped off the costume, i headed over to lisa's ... i got to see her dog ^^
it's choooooooo kawaiiiiii (even if it does eat its own shit >___> ... but lisa said it stopped that habit ... )...
while at lisa's we watched some k-drama thingy ... and there was lots of boozing in it, so i indicated that i wanted some boozing too ... and then lisa poured me some whiskey @____@;;
40% alcohol XDDDD
it was like ... 1/2 to 3/4 of a mug, i think ... more on the 1/2 side ... but yea .... i drank a bunch ... didn't feel anything >___>~
after a few minutes it started to kick in
lol, i could think pretty clearly, most things seemed lucid ... but my limbs felt all heavy and my head was a little spinny whenever i moved ... i was sooooo buzzed XDDDD
then we went to richmond centre ... i downed a double espresso and some gelato (which did NOTHING to counteract the depressant-ness of the alcohol), we looked at the pets in the pet shop, and went to watch robots ... it was pretty entertaining ^^ ... yea, i was buzzed through the entirety of the movie ... drank at 1 pm, didn't get sober until about 5 or 6 ........
oh yea, and i had whiskey breath for so long XDDD the gum helped to cover it up pretty well though ... after about two pieces, i had 'mouthwash' breath, rather than whiskey breath
aheh ... i got REALLY red too ^^;; ... and at some point, i had the hiccups o___O!!
it was funny, it was so obvious that i was on my way to smashed-ness ... cos everytime i hiccuped, i smiled like crazy and did the silent laugh thing XDDD
at the theatre we bumped into izu and osaka in the washroom, they had just watched the same movie, lol
after the movie, we went to aberdeen to have dinner at tropika ... the spicy foodness was nummy : 3 and we saw (well, karen says she did) fei fei's daughter at the restaurant ... ? @__@;;
lol, we forced lisa to take the leftover chicken : d
i was sobering up by then, i got a mild headache (hangover .. ?) =_____=;; note to self: whiskey is HARSH
after, we walked around the mall a bit ..... to burn off dinner .... but then we stopped at the seventh heaven cafe to have desert =____=;;
apple tea and baked alaska : 3
yeaa ... then we walked around some more (i was sooo full x___X) and looked at pretty thigns that we couldn't buy
there was this nice black dress ... it made me look less fat and had a reaaaaaally lurferly design .... 50% off too >___ oh oh, and i found the PERFECT boots ... they were nice and black .. the heel was nice and blocky, but not too too high, and the toe was all intimidating and pointy : 3 ... it was also 50% off, which made it $44 ... but they only had one pair left in the store .... AND IT WASN'T IN MY SIZE >___ KSZJDKSURFHAJKLJSAFJEkJS kJSUFJOEDFJCO kJDOTUEFJOSFJ !!!!!!!!!!11111111oneoneoneoneeleven!!
kurushii yo ; ________ ;
i lurf shoes ... so much ... but shoes don't lurf me ;__;
gehh =___=;; gakkarishita yo .....
after that ... we went and wandered around a bit more ...
we ran into jack at the food court @___@;; i swear .... he lives at aberdeen or something >___>;;
lisa guilted him out of $40 for a bday present XDDDD he got PWNT XDDDDD
but it's okay ... in return ... he got the chicken XDD
after that we decided to take card picture craps ... and then i got REALLY pissed off .... the fucking machine was out of paper ... so i went down to customer info ... and the guy was like "oh, the technicians left at 6, there's nothing i can do. come back tomorrow at 11am, there's nothing i can do."
if they're going to leave the fucking arcade open, then they should make the fucking technicians stick around so crap like this doesn't happen >__ i don't want to sound like a total spazz .. but it really got me angry ....
then the three of us went to go ask again and see if there was any way we could get our money back or whatever ... and the moron at the customer info booth was SO FUCKING IMPOLITE
it's not the money or anything ... it's just that the fuckign asshole was so completely rude
while we voiced our complaints, he just sat there ... spinning in his dinky little chair ... yes, he was spinning.
goddammfuckingcuntwhore ... his JOB is NOT to SIT AROUND and do NOTHING while SCRATCHING his MOTHERFUCKING FAT ASS
if that's what the rest of the aberdeen 'security' officers are like ... then i can honestly say that aberdeen is in deep deep shit
yes, that got me so completely angry ... okotteiteshimatta yo >__ i got the guy's name, so i'm going to go file a complaint =___=;;; ... i just can't stand assholes being condescending and impolite ... it's his JOB to treat the patrons with respect, not parrot out "i can't do anything"
i don't fucking care about what you can and can't do ... at least PRETEND to look like you sincerely care, or willt ry to help >______o or, at least say it in a NICE way .... fucking loser ....
but yea ... besides that ... the day was good ...
lol, i got home to find that telus emailed sayign that i had gone waaay over the dl limit (100+ gb in less than one month o____O) OOoooOOOooops ^^;;
tomorrow, i think i will sleep ... yell at aberdeen manager-types ... and then sleep some more ^^

mood tired, but really awake
music round table ft. nino - love me baby

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Monday, March 14, 2005

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aheh ^^;; this'll be a long post .......


kei koooon XDDDDD
i got away from classness and hitched a ride with cruz and bs to victoria .. wheeeee
we played kung fu samurai showdown et al. on the ferry .. yess ...........
the ride over was definitely fun ^^ especially how cruz kept missing certain turns >___>;;
"turn right"
" ... woops"
... 'drive slow time' my ass XDD
we finally got to lot 5 and found our groupy (terrarrrrrr, chiru, osaka, izu, and rotto) ... they were really nearby XDD
the stupid check in office was closed =___=;; yarr, we had some troubles wiht that ... but we eventually got in ...
all we really did at the con was wait around for registration to open up, and watch the opening ceremonies (end half)
had to change in to cosplay in the car =_____+;; .. not even ... it was funny though, this weird guy was playing some leeann rimes REALLY loudly, and CERTAIN PEOPLE were shaking the car while i was in it =___+!!
... wanted to maim all inuyasha cosplayers ...
oh yea, we ran into aeg at the con ... izu stole his lashy green thing, lol >___>~
after ditching the first day of con, we all went to quiznos and safeway to stock up, then we ate and stuff and watched tv while waiting for wish to get in
did a little re-arranging of the room too, so everybody's sleeping bags could fit in, lol
none of us really slept much that night, cos we all stayed up talking ^^ well, not the guys ... they were busy sleeping together XDD
oh yea ... heh heh ... and terrarr and i tagged up wishs' foot with my silver sharpie ... his foot twitched a lot @__________@;; lots of ducking and giggling XDDDD


SATURDAY XDDD wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
cruz and wish got sent out on a timmy ho's quest .. took them a while, but twas oka ... cos i got my ice cap and timbits ^^
we all headed over to the con .. much later ... and met up with YonderCreature for some ae-group kei kon photos ^^
we spent a hella lotta time in the amv contest >___>~
haha, terrarrr and i got our mini-rave on during the 'dance' amvs ^^ uwaa, that reminds me .. i have to find and download the ones from the con that i liked >__>~
yarrrrr ... we also went and watched the cosplay contest stuffs >___>~
oh, chiru, rotto, terrarrrrr, and i got to see fillerama .. which was UBER XDDD fillerama was definitely one of the finer points of the con ... terrarr and i were so .. uproarious ... yes .. that is a word ... lol
we started a lot of the chanting and dancing along to numa numa ... singing along to the evil plushie fma thingy was awechomenezz XDD
then the fan parodies came ... it's gendou. ooooh baby. *clap ... clap ... clap ... *
we didn't stick around for the whole fan parody bit though (a bit too long ... it got tedious) then we headed over to find osaka and izu watching sailormoonness in the concession room (where zathan was!!! aHA) yarr ... after a bit terrarrr and i went up to check out the hentai showing XDDD omg XDDD f3 was so funny XDDDD we made a couple hentai buddies : d
yea ... after the hentai, we headed back tot he room ... fell asleep while watching whasango >___>~
oh, and wish learned his lesson ... he slept with his socks on XDDD

SUNDAY, MARCH 13 (last day ; ___ ;)

ara ara ... stepmania and packing in the morning >___>;;
i woke up a bit earlier than other people ... and then i started reading osaka's catcher in the rye ...
we all said goodbye to wish (he was leaving early =___=)
it was funny ... wish opened the door on cruz's morning shower (guess cruz didnt lock the door @____@) and followed that up with an "he's BIG" XDDDDDD
we never did get to take incriminating photos of those two *pouts*
yarr .. bummed around the dealers tables for a bit (one of the dealers was nice and talkative .. had a short conversation about shanghai, lol)
we FINALLY confirmed that zathan was zathan, lol
and then we all went to do the artist of steel thang (terrarrr won XDD wh00t)
i spilled the green paint everywhere =____=;;;
yarr ... after that, we watched just a little more sailormoon (har har) and headed out to the car
we got all EIGHT of us into cruz's mitsubishi lancer XDDD
brendam was in the front, sporting .. many ... sleeping bags on his lap, izu was sitting on chiru, i was squished in the middle, and osaka was half-sitting on rotto and terrarrrr XDDDD
it was magical
we had so much fun waving to the other cars XDDD
so great how campus security was one of the first cars to pass us as we were leaving : S
evan (i think .. ?) has it all on video .. and cruz has wonderful pictures ... i must get them all >__ rotto and chiru got dropped off at the ferry, since they decided to dot he walk on thing ... there was a very fond farewell bid and all : 3
a ferry broke, sot he 3 and 5 ferry were full ... and reservations were frozen =____= ... osaka, izu, cruz, brendan and i went and got some mick dicks before parking ourselves in the line to the ferry (it was CRAZY)
we were waiting for the ferry from 2pm-8.30pm
it was fun though, such a lovely perverted time ... i got out the orgasm book and distracted people trying to read hw stuffs XDDDD
then there was the fun on the highway ... with the running around and all .... the steamy windows ... (i wonder what the car behind was thinking ... ) and the shadow puppets XDD
ahahha, the shadow puppets!! osakaaa, i want the videoooo XDDDD
yarrr .......... so much singing along on the car ride too XDDD
well, we finall got onto the ferry ... and then for most of the ride, i stayed out on the deck and stargazed ... i froze my arse of, but it was worth it ^^
it was all so pretty and nice out there. at some points it seemed like the ferry was going to sail right under the belly of the moon ... and other times, the light fromt he moon made a very pretty pathway on the water ... yarrr ... but it got all dim and smoggy as we got closer to vancouver : (
then we waited to drive away fromt he ferry ... and commented on the very large lady in the car a couple lanes over ... i swear, that was a pillow, not her arm >___o
we FINALLY got back onto home soil (where we ARE the majority XDDD) and decided to get some bbt before going back home .... i WILL win my big 2 championship ... rematch, rematch >___ got back home aroudn 12, stayed up to download numa numa, it's gendou and chihuahua, then went and slept in my very own bed (bliss)

the weekend was very fun : 3 and spring break is less than a week away *happy*
i miss all the nice people i met, and my roomies : ( no more late night giggles, guys : (
let's all hit kei kon next year naaarrrrr XDDD or at least bunk together for ae ^^
we should all karaoke and mj XDDDD

mood puddaaaaaaaaaaaaang BOHAHA
music it's gendou (bawm chika wawm wawm) and dragostea din tei ^^ ... chihuahua's next

08:59 p.m.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

every year, i have been charlie brown; never getting the little red-haired girl and whotnot ... and i've come to accept that, and i actually find that being a charlie brown is perfectly okay. sure, i can't fly kites, and my dog gives me attitude, but that was just fine and dandy.
... too many cartoons for panda =___=;;
and that is all i have to say about 'that'.

lately, things have been feeling ... weird ... i don't know ... i just feel like i've stepped out of myself, but instead of seeing the 'big picture', i just get static :
'normalcy' is awkward, and 'awkward' is even worse - it's kind of like going through the motions, only in warped, jerky, start-stop movements ... nothing at all like autopilot ...
am i really that oblivious to where my life is heading?
i just finished a mess of homework (mainly law research), and ... well, it just seems all so ... trivial. why am i working so hard (somewhat ^^;), when i know that i will soon be gone and forgotten? why strive to live for moments that turn into the past so quickly? we're all living for dust. heh.
panda will now shut up and go back to pathetic day-by-day.

for lit we have to memorize a poem, i chose to do the last four verses of 'a valediction forbidding mourning'

our two souls therefore, which are one,
though i must go, endure not yet
a break, but an expansion,
like gold to aery thinness beat,

if they be two, they are two so
as stiff twin compasses are two;
thy soul, the fix'd foot, make no show
to move, but doth, if th'other do.

and though it in the centre sit,
yet, when the other far doth roam,
it leans, and hearkens after it,
and grows erect, as that comes home.

such as thou wilt be to me, who must,
like th'other foot, obliquely run;
thy firmness makes my circle just,
and makes me end, where i begun

mood tired
music audrey hepbrun - moon river

12:31 a.m.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

so far ... i've gotten 18 good hours of weekend-sleep (thanks to that 6 hour nap on friday ... )
yesterday was fun : 3
went to math tutor, then went with karen to print (more) pictures .... >____>
after ..... went to karen's for dinner ... and watched part of kung fu hustle : 3 it's a good movie >___ yea ... then karen and i headed over to kevin's for herman's bday thing >____> i ended up staying until around 2-ish ~___~
lol ... apparently ... we are inadept at hiding XDDDD
yes ... next time i know ... that sofa cushions do not make good camouflage >___> but ahh ... that just made the surprise even special-er?
we watched butterfly effect and i got to finish off kung fu hustle XDDDDD
butterfly effect was pretty good .... oh man ... you could tell the 'dad' was a pedophile right away : S
in the middle of the movie-ish ... all of a sudden ... we started hearing these thumping sounds o_____O
*cough* kenji and michael were making the sounds upstairs ... and izu went to watch .... .... took me a while to realize it was ddr-sounds and not something else ~____~
aheeeeeeh ^^;;
after butterfly effect we did the whole cake thing ... heh heh ... people don't know how to cut a cake XDDD it was a lovely toilet cake, just for herman ...and we stuck a few gummy bears in the toilet bowl part of the cake XDD RED GUMMY BEARS
and yeaaa >_____>
oh, i miraculously got better at ddr! XDDDD and now i have this insane urge to ddr more >___> but dwi will satisfy me enough for now ^^;; i really gotta get a dance pad for my comp =____=;;
hahaaaaaa, stephens got schooled by somebody who's hand-eye coordination SUCKS XPPP *victory dansu*
.... and i suck at katamori =_____= *SHAME*
oh, haha ... best line of the night ... tom: "my best time is with my joystick" XDDDDD *roffle*
*cough cough* wireless joystick >___>
kevin's turtles are so cute!!! >____ yes ... it was all very fun : 3
....... and i'm going off to family thing in about an hour o___O ... i better get some lucky money out of this =____=;;

mood alert and semi-restless
music the witches - saranghe banni

12:38 p.m.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

uwaa, i'm still full ^^
the planning of the 'bigass' dinner thing was stressing me out for most of the week ... what with the telling of people, and the restaurant complaint-ness >___o ... but in the end, it was worth it ^____^
i wanna do another one >___ but yea ... so today started off okay-ish .... went and did some prints with karen, and met up with terri (gomen for being late ^^;;)then we whored around daiso while our pictures got developed XDD yaaaaay i have magnets now!!! XDDD
after, terri followed me home (lol) and we watched 'the terminal' for a bit while waiting for people to show up, so we could all bus together ... and omg, you people arrive so early =___= ... i said BETWEEN 6.30pm and 7pm !!! *mutters* and the people who ditched last minute ... YOU GUYS SUCKKKKK ... we went from 20, to 17, to 12 : S
oh, terri and i both wore skirts we had made XDDDD i actually still have mine on right now ... (too full to go change right now ... =_____=)
but yea ... we headed out in the big group (in heels! heels i say!!!) and waited around the granville and 41st bus stop for cee (for quite a while .... it's a good thing tulle is an insulator-type fabric, or i would have been freezing)and then we all headed up to a kettle of fish
had to wait a bit for our table, even though we reserved >___o ... they were really busy =___=;;
we FINALLY got seated ... and got our hopes up thinking that we could order some 'drinks' .. but noooo ... stupid id-wantingess ... oh well ... i went and ordered a shirley temple ... haven't had one in a long time, so it was nice ^____^ a bit too orange-y this time though, i think : S
.... actually ... i think the last time i had a shirley temple was when i was 10 ... which, oddly enough, was the last time i had been to kettle of fish : S
anywhooo ... i had the cannelloni (it was nice, the sauce was spicy-good ... the squid also tasted quite nice ^^), the pork tenderloin (pig + chicken = cow taste XDDD i still want to know what that white stuff was ... it had fishball texture, but it definitely wasn't fishball @___@ ... oh, the seared-raw tuna was pretty good too ~___^), and the mango and strawberry bread pudding brioche with vanilla bean gelato (omg, that was really niceeee ... it reminded me of a crispy-soft cinammon bun .. the gelato was yummm ... and strawberry sauce + creme du menthe = uber good ... the chocolate cheesecake was pretty yummy too ... though, it was more cheese, less chocolate ... and the crust reminded me of saltine crackers @___@;;)
oh yea ... kettle of fish has yummy bread.
XDDDDD ahahaha
oh and, what's dinner without all the fun double entendres? yes, i buttered that bread good XDDDD
so yes ... all the pain and suffering of organizing was worth it ~____^ especially since the dinner cost only $31-ish (with tax and gratuity) their shirley temples were only $1.95 @____@!!!!! (usually, places charge $3-$5 ... )
after ... we paid up and got our coats ... and took a big group picture .. and i got a ride home from terri (sankyuu terri's dad ^^)
aheheh ... lots of flashes and weird sounds from the backseat @___@ hrmmmmmm ... *thinks things*
haaaaaaai, pandar is all typed out nooooow

mood glad to be out of stockings, slightly tired, full, and content ^^
music homemade kazoku - thank you

11:57 p.m.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

just a little quickie

damn, provincial court was actually kind of fun ... i got to see ... cases ... >___>;; some of them were really f0tching boring, but some were pretty interesting
oh, and i got to be searched at the door, lol
when you first walk into court, you have these two bigass metal detectors right at the entrance ... and two people work it ... the person at the front takes a look at whatever you have in your pockets, and looks through EVERYTHING in your bag, and the second person runs that metal detector thing all over you, oh, and apparently they confiscate your camera-phones too : S
oh, there was this one case about fraudelent car sellingness (or something like that) and the defense lawyer kept asking the guy on the stand the same question over and over again @____@;;;
and the defendant was so annoying ... he was wearing this bright orange sweatsuit thing ... and he KEPT SHUFFLING PAPERS >__ oh oh, and then there was some driving thingy ... and something involving assault outside of a club ... for the club case ... the guy who was testifying at the moment was really annoying too @___@;;
he kept on saying crap like: 'i do not recollect ... ' oh, bullshit, cho obvious he 'could' recollect =___=;;
the guy ont he stand was asked if anybody in the courtrooom looked familiar, and he answered, "no" but after that, he kept looking around the courtroom ... and when he got asked again (by a different lawyer) he said YES and pointed to some guy in a grey suit sitting in front of swin ... the witness found him 'familiar', he just couldn't exactly remember from where though : P
later, swin, amanda, karmen and i saw the guy in the grey suit at the elevators, and we wanted to follow him XDDD
the last case we watched was the best one, i think ... too bad we had to leave before the guy's testimony was over =_____=;;;
it was something about how this guy got beat up by these other people who wanted him to join al queada... ?? @____@;;
well yea ... it was really funny ... one of the bailiffs kept laughing ... and this other court official-type person looked like a vein in her forehead was about to explode XD
the defense kept bringing up 'where' the witness hd fallen asleep ... i think one third of his entire testimony was spent explaining where he slept ... what i got from it was that the witness told the police that he fell asleep under a table in the kitchen, but actually! he fell asleep with his head in the doorway to the bathroom, with the rest of his body being near the table in the kitchen, while he was in the living room and bedroom ... but he was NOT in the bedroom, because the bedroom door was closed ... he was actually in the hallway
........ eh?
oh, and he was abruptly woken up when the defendant hit him just above the eye with a black gun, a knife, and a two-by-four WHILE simultaneously kicking the shoulder opposite the side of the eye injury
......... EH?
either way, it was really funny XDDD (and confusing, but that's what made it funny), at one point, the witness started talking about war and how he got hit with an ak-47 before, then he stood up and lifted his shirt to show everybody his war scar : P to this, the defense lawyer replied, "sir, we are talking about the injury at hand, not about your past" i swear he was about to add: "now put your shirt back on boooyyyy" XDDD
oh oh, and the judges have their own elevators! they have special little swipe-y card thingies and everything : x and the lawyers/police/court workers are quite friendly ^^
after, we went to main and georgia-ish to go get lunchness, swin and them were going to hang around til 2 (that's when swin's dad was picking them up) but i wanted to get back to school for lit, so i left and tried to catch a bus around 1.30 ... bah =___=;; the bus was slow .. and in the end, i decided to just go home ... it really wasn't worth it ... to go to school for half an hour (or less) and then take that long trudge home in VERY uncomfortable shoes =________=;;
oh man, the main bus isn't too bad, wait-wise, but i hate the people on it =_______=;;
there was this guy on the bus ... who looked like an addict and had a smoker's throat hole ... and he REEKED
it was like that time ... when teri and i were bussing to the scienceworld skytrain station to get to ae and this big beard-ish guy sat behind us ... ughh ... the smell was overpowering x_________X;;; ... basically, the guy from today was like that ... only ... he had the additional scent of curdled milk/rotten yogurt ... the lady next to me couldn't stand it anymore and just went to stand at the front ... this other lady sat next to me, then moved immediately ... and spent many a stop s t a r i n g at the guy with this really disgusted look on her face : P
finally, i couldn't take it anymore, and moved to a freshly-vacant seat
the guy next to me was practicing ひらがな XDDD methinks he's taking beginner japanese at langara college
yarr ... when i got to 49th, i talked a bit with a person from my law class who took the sae bus-ness ... but it was getting around 2.15/2.20-ish, so i figured that home would be more worth my while
thankfully, the second main bus i took was nearly empty XDDD
oh yea, while i was on the main bus, i saw all the pretty vintage/local designer shops that are on main ... ahh, i wistfully watched them pass ... ; ___ ; 買い物 を したい よ
but yarr ... enough of that ... @___________@
need to drawer some new yaoi doodles : x

mood ... i don't ... know ... @____@;;
music do as infinity - for the future

07:29 p.m.

Friday, January 14, 2005

something old and something new : P
ughh ... i don't like being sick ... this sore throat is unhappy =____=;;;
yea, found myself slipping back into my obssessive, stalker-y habits >______>;; that's not too healthy .... panda's being weird again =___=;;
ah well .. the usual routine ... school and whotnot ... bah .... people annoy the fuck out of me ... well, -some- people ... the hypocrites and the slackers ... and i don't mean procrastinating .. i mean the slackers who don't end up doing -anything- at all
what's the point of even bothering with school if you're just going to fuck yourself up in the end anyways?
but hey, what they want to do (or not do) is up to them ... just QUIT YER WHINING

bahh ... after school izu and i crashed gimpy's place to get stuff (finally have casshern XDDD)
it was so disorganized ... spindles everywhere =_____=;;;
then we played some mario tennis : 3
wahahaha ... the caterpillar ... turns ... PURPLE XDDDDD omg, i missed so many shots cos i was laughing too hard after that 'special attack'
but yea, apparently, mom got paranoid and called people >___> gomenne minna san ^^;;;
gaaaah ... now i'm bored ; ____ ;
... and thinking about things that i should have stopped thinking about a long time ago ...

mood wide awake bored
music m-flo - cosmic night run

09:17 p.m.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

heh heh .... giant scroll ...
gehh .. school's started again ... ; ___ ; nuuu, i wanted more sleeep

mood sleepy
music chin2 music XDD

09:20 p.m.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

whee, first doodle of 2005! happy new years ^_______^
wooo, went 39 hours without sleep @____@;;
the 31st was fun-ness : 3 metro with karen, c1 and stella ... wandered around aimlessly and bought stephens' birthday present (omg, stephens ... you bastard >< why are you so hard to shop for? *strangles*)
after, we all headed to michael's house for gathering-ness ... we were the first people there, then kevin, louis, kelvin, derek and james showed up
monopoly and hot pot XDDD the hot pot was nummy ... big sankyuuu to michael's mom and aunt, who prepared the food stuffs for us ^^ there was so much to eat : x heh heh ... monopoly was good too ... wahaha, merge with karen and pwnz everybody on teh board XDDD louis and the pile of money @_____@;;
and then some mj ... countdown ... and midnight! wheeeee
popped the corks of some spritzers (peach grape yummm) and yarrr ...
now i'm all bored and stuff =____=;; oh well ... running misellaneous errand with ringo tomorrow ... ufufufu, gonna be buying lots and lots of tulle ... for ringo's TUTU XDDDDDDDD
and yea .... >____> why are they showing pearl harbour on jan 1st? bah ... i want more old black and white movies from cbc ...

mood blinky
music none

10:21 p.m.

Friday, December 31, 2004

just a little something to christen the blog : 3

11:31 a.m.

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